Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2


The Spanish courses cover the levels established by the CEFR. Each level requires 120 hours of class.


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Level A1 accredits sufficient linguistic competence to understand and use everyday expressions that are very frequently used anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world, aimed at satisfying immediate needs; to ask for and give basic personal information about him/herself and his/her daily life and to interact in an elementary way with speakers, provided they speak slowly and clearly and are willing to cooperate.


Duration 120 h. · PDF ↓ · Give acces to: Spanish nationality

Level A2 accredits the ability of the language user to understand and use frequently used everyday expressions, almost always related to areas of experience that are especially relevant to them due to their immediacy (basic information about themselves and their family, shopping and places of interest, occupations, etc.); to carry out simple and direct communicative exchanges on familiar or habitual aspects and to describe in simple terms aspects of their past and their environment, as well as to satisfy questions related to their immediate needs.


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Level B1 accredits the ability of the language user to understand the main points of oral and written texts in standardized varieties of the language and that they are not excessively localized, as long as they deal with known issues, whether they are related to work, study or daily life; to function in most of the situations and contexts in which these areas of use are inscribed and to also produce simple and coherent texts on familiar topics or that are of personal interest, such as the description of experiences, events, wishes, plans and aspirations or the expression of opinions.


Duration 240 h. · PDF ↓ · Give acces to: College. Homologation University degrees

Level B2 accredits the ability of the language user to understand the essentials of complex oral and written texts, even if they deal with abstract topics, are presented in different varieties of Spanish or have a technical nature, mainly if they deal with areas of specialized knowledge. to which you have had access; to interact with all types of speakers with a sufficient degree of fluency and naturalness, so that communication does not involve efforts on the part of any interlocutor, and to produce clear and detailed texts on various topics, including those that involve dialectical analysis, debate or defense of a point of view.


Duration 120 h. · PDF ↓ · Give acces to: Homologation health titles

Level C1 accredits the ability of the language user to function fluently when processing a wide variety of oral and written texts of a certain length in any variant of the language, even recognizing implicit meanings, attitudes or intentions; to express yourself fluently, spontaneity and without apparent effort; to always find the appropriate expression for the situation and context, whether it is framed in the social, work or academic environment, and therefore to use the language flexibly and effectively, demonstrating a correct use in the elaboration of complex texts and in the use of the organization and cohesion mechanisms that allow them to be articulated.


Duration 120 h. · PDF ↓ · Give acces to: Translators Interpreters

Level C2 accredits the ability of the language user to function in any situation in which it is required to understand practically everything that is heard or read, regardless of the length of the texts, their complexity or degree of abstraction, the degree of familiarization with the topics they deal with, the variety of the language they use or the need to make inferences or other operations to know their content; to express themselves spontaneously with great fluency and enormous semantic and grammatical precision, which allows differentiating shades of meaning even in academic and work environments with a high degree of specialization and complexity.