Tools and Resources

Tools & Resources

At Marta Mas Languages ​​we not only use the best pedagogical proposals for learning a language, but we also consider technology an essential tool to provide students with motivating resources and maximum autonomy. For this reason we collaborate with the publisher Difusión for our paper manuals, because it is a pioneer in the field of research and teaching foreign languages ​​and because it offers a wide range of digital resources on its Campus Difusión platform.

All Marta Mas Languages ​​students enjoy

HYBRID edition of the student’s book

This version also allows access to the interactive digital book and the platform to learn Spanish with countless videos, audios and self-correcting exercises

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams as a platform for online classes
It provides a global solution due to its stability during connections, the accommodation of all documents and the digital management of the course agenda

The virtual whiteboard created during the online session

Many students value the possibility of reviewing the teacher’s notes or consulting the content of the class if they have not attended

Specific materials for virtual environments to give the experience a playful and interactive factor


Educational mobile application that allows you to create evaluation questionnaires in a contest format.


An online authoring tool to create cards with educational content including text, images or audios.


Digital platform that allows creating collaborative murals with multimedia resources.


Tool to create interactive content.

Word Art

Cloud art creator very useful for remembering lexicon.


Interactive software to create attractive content.