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Max. 5 students

Extensive 2h./week | 375€
Monday: 18:00-20:00
17/04/23 – 26/06/23

Extensive 4 h./week | 715€
Monday and Wednesday: 15:00-17:00
17/04/23 – 28/06/23

Extensive 6 h./week | 845€
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 10:00-12:00 / 12:30-14:30
17/04/23 – 30/06/23

Conversation 1,5 h./week | 270€
Friday: 16:00-17:30
21/04/23 – 30/06/23

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Online Spanish Courses APRIL – JUNE 2023

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I loved learning with Marta! I liked the learning environment where I could ask questions and take my time. Marta is great at helping you make connections and practice in way where you remember the material. I loved her teaching style and I’m happy with how much Catalan I was able to learn with her!
Marta Mas Languages è sinonimo di professionalità e serietà. Marta è un'insegnante bravissima, si adatta perfettamente ai bisogni dei suoi alunni e riesce a far raggiungere i risultati attesi. Mi ha seguita durante la preparazione al concorso docenti, che ho superato brillantemente, per le classi di concorso AC24 e AC25, nella fase di elaborazione e correzione di UDA oltre a darmi un supporto emotivo constante. Consiglio vivamente di seguire i suoi corsi!!!
Magdalena Lauth
Magdalena Lauth
Marta jest profesjonalną, wysoko wykwalifikowaną nauczycielką języka hiszpańskiego. Dostosowuje zajęcia do potrzeb uczniów - w naszym wypadku do dzieci (11,13 lat). Marta prowadzi zajęcia wyłącznie po hiszpańsku, lekcje są bardzo ciekawe i dobrze zorganizowane. Jesteśmy pod wielkim wrażeniem Marty i z pewnością zapiszemy dzieci na kolejne zajęcia w przyszłym sezonie.
Kate D
Kate D
Gracias Marta for the last few months of online Spanish class! It was easy for me to be consistent with learning as it was online and Marta made it fun and interactive in our private classes. See you next year! Kate x
Cristiani Siqueira
Cristiani Siqueira
Marta é muito didática, atenciosa e muito bem humorada. Eu já tinha uma boa base mas precisava desinibir e praticar o Espanhol falado. Marta planejou cuidadosamente um mini curso para suprir minha necessidade, estou muito contente e pronta para embarcar 😊
Gil W
Gil W
I attended a Survival Spanish course with Marta Mas in the language school. After 3 weeks I am more confident in having conversations with the locals. She is extremely patient in explaining (with her actions and her drawings) new vocabulary and grammar. I would recommend her classes! Edited to add: I continued with group classes online with Marta (each class has limited number of students so you will always heard and seen). Her online classes are extremely exciting and informative. Apart from learning grammar and vocabulary, Marta is also generous to share her knowledge of Spanish cultures and slangs. This way, we learn how to really speak like a local!
Svetlana Postolenko
Svetlana Postolenko
Хочу поблагодарить Марту за интересные занятия. Marta очень старается и уже через небольшой промежуток времени виден результат наших занятий. Благодаря этому , с каждым днём , желание учиться только увеличивается. Спасибо, Marta!
Valentin P
Valentin P
Хочу подякувати пані Марті за цікаві та пізнавальні заняття. Матеріал викладається в ефективному й доступному форматі. Викладач вміє заохотити та підтримати. Заняття проходять у дружній та веселій атмосфері, що надихає вчитися далі. Рекомендую!🥰
Philippe Hebeisen
Philippe Hebeisen
Marta Mas est une excellente prof.d’espagnol, que je rencontre online si je suis en Suisse ou personnellement si je suis en Catalogne. Elle est à la fois dynamique, pleine d’humour, et elle travaille avec des supports éprouvés, ce qui ne nous empêche pas de faire des digressions par des situations que je rencontre quotidiennement. Je ne puis que la recommander à tous ceux qui veulent apprendre cette langue.
Theresa Rehbein
Theresa Rehbein
I just finished taking private lessons with Marta, and she was fantastic! She is extremely friendly and encouraging. I have studied Spanish before, and Marta helped me review and become more confident with holding conversations. She catered the lessons to my learning styles to make sure I got the most out of our classes. Marta Mas Languages has given me the tools to feel comfortable speaking Spanish while I live in Spain!

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